Auto-Generated Invoices


Auto-generating an invoice means that an invoice will be created by the Liveforce backend, as a PDF.

This will be submitted automatically with the exact details that were in the payment report run.

So there is no opportunity for the Crew member to make a mistake.

Auto-generated Option.


Crew can customise invoices before they submit an auto-generated invoice.

  •  They can change the invoice number if they choose to
  •  They can change their name. It might be a company name, for example
  •  They can also change the billable address here for the invoice

By default the invoice reference will be the User ID followed by the payment report ID.

So that way, any invoices submitted, if they use the default setting will be associated with their user account and also the payment report it's been attached to for easy reference.

This is always unique. But they can change that if they choose to. With any of these details, once changed, they will be saved for subsequent invoices.

Invoice Customisation.


They can also choose to include tax or not. The default tax is set at 20%. They can change that if they choose or not be registered for tax.
There's then a field here to enter any additional details:

  •  This is their VAT number
  •   Tax registration numbers
  •   Maybe their company number
  •   PO number or any other extra information that's required as an invoice 

Adding Tax.


So to submit this invoice using the default details, they just need to click on the invoice and click submit.

This will automatically submit an invoice based on the signed off items, the line items within a payment report run.

Submit Button.


Once generating an invoice a Crew member can now download a PDF copy of that invoice for their own records. 

They do that by clicking the download invoice button.

Downloading an Invoice.

That will generate a PDF of their invoice with the invoice ID that they specified in the invoice reference and as you can see it has automatically filled in all of the details that are included in their payment run.

Downloaded Invoice.


That's one way for the Crew to submit an invoice.

Once this is submitted, auto submitted invoices are always set, as approved.

The reason being that these invoices correlate directly with the details in a payment run.