Invoice Statuses and Invoice Data

Invoice Statuses

With invoices, there are four statuses.

  • APPROVED means that an invoice has been approved.
  • AWAITING APPROVAL means that an invoice has been submitted and is currently awaiting an admin to approve it.
  • NOT SUBMITTED means that no Invoice has been submitted for a payment report run.
  • REJECTED means an admin has rejected that invoice and a new one needs to be submit.

Invoice statuses.


   Each invoice card has:

  • The name of the company
  • The total of that invoice
  • The date that this invoice refers to
  • How many items will be included in that payment report

So, as an example. We have a crew member here who has navigated to the invoicing section. Here, they have a list of all the different possible invoices that they can submit based on jobs and expenses that they'd been included in.


So here, as an example, the crew clicks into an invoice card and can see details regarding the invoice that need to be submitted for this payment report run.

Invoice Summary

The invoice summary has:

  •  The total amount for the invoice
  •  The date range
  •  How many items there are

Then it will have each item, Itemised and broken down for review.

Crew Invoice Screen.

They can then either Auto-generate or Upload an invoice.