Board Settings

Board Name

Click on the name of the Board, then you can change the name.

And you can set a default colour for any Single Day Jobs.

You can also decide if you want to display the Financial Bar. By default it is on. The Financial Bar displays at the bottom.

And if you want to turn the Financial Bar off then just click it and close the Popin and it won't appear.

The other setting in here is where where you want the Board to open when you come back into the Board. So by default it's set to TODAY. So if I scroll forward and I leave that Board and then come back it will be on today's date.

If I set that to last viewed and I scroll forward, leave it or come back, it's where I left it.

Financial Bar

The Financial Bar shows me if I have no Jobs selected a summary of all the money on this Board. The salary, expenses and subsistence. It shows me what I BUDGETED.

Click on where it says BUDGETED and it flicks to CONFIRMED. So this compares what I BUDGETED versus which Crew are actually Confirmed on the Job.

If I select a Job. It will then update the financials for that one Job.

And if I select a whole range of Jobs, it will update to give me a summary for everything I've got in that range.

You can toggle between CONFIRMED and BUDGETED just by clicking on that button.