Boards Navigation

Scrolling a Board

When on a Board you can SCROLL left and right using your mouse or trackpad to view all dates.

Date Picker

You can use the DATE PICKER to jump to a specific date. You can also use the date picker to go back to TODAY.

Date Picker


You can change the VIEW. The default view is DAY VIEW EXPANDED. This is where you can see all crew names and avatars.

View Menu - Expanded View

  • DAY VIEW COLLAPSED shows Jobs and fulfilment counters.
  • MONTH VIEW shows you a calendar month view that you can skip through months.

Within the month view click on a date to take you straight into that day in the expanded view.

Collapsed View and Month View

All Jobs

A Board is for a project or an event. If you have multiple Boards you can use ALL JOBS to show all your jobs across all your Boards. You will find ALL JOBS on the menu at BOARDS>ALL JOBS. By default, the view is split into different Boards and the Jobs you have on each day.

All Jobs

You can view this as DAY VIEW BY JOB or MONTH VIEW.

All Jobs - Views

Click on a job it will take me to that Board and that Job in a new tab.

All Jobs - Click on Job and the Job opens in a new tab

Click on a Board name it will take me to a new tab with that Board opened today.

All Jobs - Click on Board Name

Board Opened in New Tab at Todays Date