Archive and Delete Boards

Active Boards

The default view shows Boards with an ACTIVE status only.

The Default Board View

Archived Boards

We can view Boards with an ARCHIVED status by turning on this filter. You can archive a Board by clicking on the more menu (3-dots) and selecting ARCHIVE.

Archiving a Board

People will archive a Board when a project is over or if they don’t want that Board to appear on the table. When you click ARCHIVE the Board's status will change to ARCHIVE.

Archived Boards Status

Restoring An Archived Board

You can unarchive a Board at any time by clicking UNARCHIVE in the more menu.

Unarchiving a Board

Delete Boards

To delete a board you click on the DELETE option. Clicking DELETE means a Board has permanently gone. This action cannot be undone.

Deleting a Board

You cannot delete a Board that has Jobs on it. The DELETE option will not be visible if that Board contains any Jobs. All Jobs need to be removed first and then this option will become available.

Job Board with Jobs on it has no Delete option