Boards Dash

Search for a Board

To search for a particular Board hover over the column header. Then click on the menu button that appears.

Click the filter option.

You can then type the name of the Board into the search field at the top. When done, press enter on your keyboard to view results. Any results will be shown in the table

A filter icon will be added to indicate that you have a filter set on the data in this column. Also the number of filters set will be shown here along with the total Boards.

To clear the filter, hover over the column header and click the menu button. Click the filter option. Clear the Search bar.

Click SELECT ALL from the top of the list. Click outside the menu to return to the table. All Boards will now be visible.

Favourite a Board

Find the Board you want to Favourite. Click the star icon at the far end of that row.

That Board will now appear at the top of the list.

To remove a Board as a Favourite click the star icon.

The Board will return to its original position.

Filtering Boards

To filter your Boards first hover over the STATUS column header. Then click the menu button that appears.

Click the filter button. You can then select it or unselect the STATUS that you wish to view. Then click anywhere outside the menu to return to the table. Filtered results are now visible.

Also the number of Boards filtered are shown.

To remove the filter. Hover over the status column header and then click the menu button that appears.

Click SELECT ALL. Then click anywhere outside of the menu to view the table.

Boards Dash Empty

If your Boards Dash is empty or has Boards missing. Then it is typically because you have one or more filters set. Columns with a filter set, have this icon next to the column title. There is also a filter reset message.

To remove all the filters, right click anywhere on the table. Click RESET FILTERS in the menu or click on this link RESET FILTERS.

All your Active boards will now be visible.

If you want to view your Archived boards then remove the filter from the Status header.