Create a Payment Report

Payments Page

Navigate to the Payments page. We go PAY then PAYMENTS.

Payments page.

Approved Items Only

Only Crew’s salaries and expenses that have been APPROVED will be showing on the Payments page. 

Only items with an APPROVED status can be added to a Payment Report.

Approved items only on the Payments page.

Date Picker

Select the date range for your Payment Report using the date picker.

Date picker.

Table Filters

Use the table filters to find relevant items to select and add to your Payment Report. This could be filtering by Board, Job, Payment Type etc.

Table filters.


Admin selects which items they want to go into a Payment Report.

Admin selects:

  1. Last month 
  2. Filters on a Crew name 
  3. Picks name
  4. Checks all items.

Admin selects the data for the report.


The number of items, dates and total amounts  appears at the top of the report. 

The RUN PAYMENT REPORT button also becomes active.

Summary of items.

Run Payment Report

Click the RUN PAYMENT REPORT button and you are shown a summary of who you are paying, what you are paying and how many items. You can if you wish rename the title of the report here.

Also, at this point you can click the button BACK TO PAYMENTS if you see an error.

Payment report details.

Click PROCEED to run the payment report.

A system warning box will appear saying that once you click PROCEED, a Payment Report will be generated, and you will no longer be able to edit the report.

Warning box.

Generating a Payment Report

So if Admin clicks PROCEED a Payment Report is generated. 

All the items in the report will now have the status TO BE PAID.

It will show the total amount to be paid, the date range of the items to be paid, when the report was created and by whom.

Payment Report generated.

Exporting the Payment Report

The Payment Report can be exported at this stage to an excel spreadsheet, CSV or zip file. The reports are separated for employed Crew and self-employed Crew. Also a separate report for expenses.

Export formats.

Here are a couple of examples of exported Payment Reports to an Excel spreadsheet. Prior to being sent to payroll for payment. The spreadsheet will have all the information to pay the Crew, bank accounts, sort codes etc

The first spreadsheet is for salaries and the second is for expenses which contains a link to any Crew receipts that were uploaded with the items.

Itemised salary data on spreadsheet.

Expenses spreadsheet with link to receipt.


So if we look at this item in the Approvals page we can see the status has changed from APPROVED to the status TO BE PAID, highlighted in green.

And if we take a look at the Crew app and their Earnings page. We can see the status has changed from PENDING APPROVAL to APPROVED.

Statuses in Approvals page and Crew app.

Mark as Paid

Once the items in this Payment Report have been paid. Admin will navigate to the Reports page and click on the Payment Report then click the MARK AS PAID button.

Reports page.

MARK AS PAID button.

The status of the report will change to PAID, highlighted in green. Also the date the report was marked as paid and the Admin who marked the report as paid will appear.

PAID report status.

The status of the items in the Reports page and Crew Earnings page of the app will change to PAID in green.