Expenses Approval Process

Expense Pending Status

When a Job is finished the expense status for Crew in the Approvals page and the Crew app will automatically be PENDING.

PENDING status.

Making an Expense Claim

Crew need to fill in details of the expense and upload a receipt. So they click ADD RECEIPT.


Fill in all the expense details, upload the receipt then click ADD EXPENSE.

Expense details.


They can then add more expenses by repeating that process.

Activity Box

They can also, if they wish to, add a comment for Admin in the Activity box.

Making a comment.

Crew then click the SUBMIT CLAIM FOR APPROVAL button.


Reviewing an Expense Claim

This expense will have the status of SUBMITTED in the Crew app and REVIEW in the Approvals page. In other words it has to be reviewed by Admin.

Statuses REVIEW in Approvals page and SUBMITTED in Crew app.

Crew can UNDO AN EXPENSE SUBMISSION if they realise they have made a mistake but this can only be done while the expense has a  SUBMITTED status.

Undo expense submission button.

Approving an Expense Claim

Admin visits the Approvals page and they will see that there are items to be reviewed. When Admin clicks on the REVIEW button this will bring up the items for review.

The items for review will be in red as well as a status of REVIEW in yellow under the expenses column header. The status will remain like this until Admin approves or rejects expenses for this Crew.

So Admin will click on the item cost in red in the Approvals page and a Popin opens at the expenses tab.

Admin reviewing expenses.

Admin reviews the expense details and views the receipt by clicking on the file icon.

Clicking on the file icon to view the receipt.

Approving expense amount button.

A system yellow info box appears to say that the expense has been reviewed.Expenses reviewed notice.

The status in the Approvals page and the Crew app changes to APPROVED.

Expense APPROVED status in Approvals page and Crew app.

Rejecting an Expense Claim

If Admin reviews the expense and rejects it, then Admin can press the REJECT ALL button after unticking the expense submission box or clicking the link REJECT ALL.

The REJECT ALL button.

The status in the Approvals page and the Crew app changes to REJECTED. The status in the Approvals page and the Crew app changes to REJECTED.REJECTED status in Approvals page and Crew app.

This is how it looks in the Crew app, in their My Calendar page.

The Crew My Calendar view.

Over Budget Expense Claim

If Crew submit a claim which is over the agreed budget then Admin, when reviewing, can APPROVE UP TO the budget agreed or APPROVE the full amount submitted by Crew or REJECT ALL.

Over budget options for Admin.