Two products. One Platform.

Liveforce is a cloud-based platform. This means Admins and Crew can access their accounts through a browser, like Chrome or Safari, on any sized device, as long as they are connected to the internet.

There are two products that make up the Liveforce platform.

Admin App

The Admin App is where companies come to manage their workforce and jobs. The Admin App is accessed via a web browser like Chrome or Safari. You can access your account on devices of any size like a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You'll need the internet to access your account.

To log into your account go to

Crew App

The Crew App is what your temp staff access to manage their account with your company. They can access this through a web browser on any device like a laptop or mobile. They can access their account by going to They'll need the internet to access their account.

The Crew App can be downloaded as an app directly onto a mobile device from either the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores. The benefit of your Crew having the app installed is that they will receive push notifications on their mobile device. This means they will receive updates quicker than Crew that don't have the app installed.