What is Liveforce?

Liveforce is an end-to-end staffing platform built to streamline the management and scheduling of temporary and freelance staff. 

Liveforce is a complete 360 solution from the recruitment of staff into your database, through to the scheduling and fulfilment of jobs for various projects and events, to the collection of timesheets and expense claims, with communications built-in at every stage.


Liveforce allows companies to build and maintain their own database of temp staff by inviting them to join or allowing them to apply via a website. Applicants can then be reviewed and approved before being able to work.


Create a job schedule for each event, project or venue and then find staff to work on those jobs using a variety of booking methods.

Time & Pay

Collect timesheet and expense details from your temp staff via the Crew App. Then run regular payment reports to know how much to pay everyone.


Your staff are sent emails automatically informing them about new job bookings or changes. You can also send manual emails, push notifications or SMS messages to staff working on a job or to a segment of your workforce.