Fulfil Roles Explained

There are a number of ways to fulfil a role; booking directly, inviting Crew to apply, or advertise on the job board to collect applicants, search your database of available crew, or promote the job. 

A. Book Crew Directly

Type in the name of Crew in your workforce you know you want to book directly onto this role. 

As long as they haven't marked themselves as unavailable, and are not booked on another role, you will be able to book them.  

Select the Crew member and the details of the job will appear below their name. Check the rate and hours are as you would like. See this article on editing fees if you wish to make any changes. 

Scroll to CONFIRM


They do not need to accept, this will be a direct booking.  The Crew will get a notification letting them know they have been booked, this booking will also go directly into their calendar.

The stats on the board will update to show that one out of the two available roles has been filled. 

How to remove booked Crew

If you decide to remove Crew you can do this by selecting the more menu (three dots) next to the Crew name, select "Remove", and PUBLISH CHANGES. This will remove them from the role immediately and they Crew will be notified in app and by email.


B. Invite Crew

Similar to direct booking, type the name of the Crew you want to invite


The Crew member will be sent a notification and an email to let them know they've been invited to a role.  They will need to accept (or decline) the invitation.  When they accept they will then be CONFIRMED.

C. Advertise on job board and gather applicants

When you select to advertise the roles on the job board your workforce can apply. When you have applicants to review, the stats will look like this on your board. When the stats are red it indicates that  none of the roles have been filled.  Here 0/2 roles are filled but there is 1 applicant.  

Click into the role to see more details about applicants.  Scroll to APPLICANTS

How to accept applicants

Accept the applicant by selecting the tick icon, scroll down to select CONFIRM, then PUBLISH CHANGES.

How to shortlist applicants

Shortlist Crew by selecting the heart icon. You can then review your shortlist later by selecting SHORTLIST

How to Decline applicants

Decline applicants by selecting the cross icon.  More on declined applicants and available tab here.

D. Search by available Crew

You can select from your AVAILABLE workforce.  You can also select the funnel icon to filter results.  

How to add applicants to a waiting list

If a role is full you can add applicants to a waiting list, for more details on this see this article. 

E. Encourage applicants by Promoting the role

Select PROMOTE and choose which way you want to promote the role. 

Notify Workforce about this Role

You can select to either copy paste the URL to send directly to Crew you want to apply.  Or you can select to notify your workforce and use the filters to narrow down your search. 

You can filter by Role Type, Skills, Tags, Attributes, Availability or Distance.  You will then be given an estimated reach.

Choose the notification type - don't forget you are charged for SMS.  

Write a message to attract the Crew you want to apply for the role.