Customising Table Data

Status Page

So here we are on the Status page.

Status Page

To move a column with your mouse click and drag the column header.

Moving a Column

So let's move the Role column to where we require it.

Column Moved

Column in Place

To widen or narrow a column click and drag the divider bar to the right of that column header then release when it's the correct width. 

Double click the bar to reset width. The column width is now reset to fit the content within.

Widening Column


To customise what data you would like in the table click the view menu. 

Select customised view.

View / Customise View

Select the data you wish to show or hide from the table from the pop-in that appears. 

Selecting the Data

You can organise column positions from this pop in with your mouse click and drag the data and drop it into position. 

That column will now appear in the selected position.

Clicking and Dragging the Data

Click the close button to hide the pop-in.

Clicking the Close Button 

Any changes you make will be remembered on that device and browser for when you next return.