System Notifications and Emails

Liveforce will send information to Crew automatically via email and/or push notification.   

This article will use a generic email format, however, when sent to your Crew they will have your company name and branding as set up in Registration Page Customisation.

"Applying To Join" Comms

Crew can apply or be invited to join your company. These are all the different emails they will receive during the application/joining process.

Crew Invitation

Crew must click the button to complete registration and connect their account to your company.

Crew Application - Submitted

Crew have completed their applicant and submitted for the company to review.

Crew Application - Accepted

Sent to Crew once their application has been accepted.

Crew Application - Declined

Crew has been declined by admin to join.

Crew Application - Added to Waiting List

Sent to Crew who are moved to waiting list status.

"Job-Related" Comms

Crew will receive various emails and push notifications regarding important job information. 

Job Promoted

Admin has promoted a job out to their Workforce. Crew click on VIEW JOB DETAILS to get all the job information, from there they can apply to the role. 

Notification [**New Message from {Company Name} We are looking for Crew to work on X role. View Job]

Crew Role Application Accepted

Email received by Crew when their application for a role has been accepted.  

If the Crew had applied for or been invited to other roles that clashed with this booked role, details will be listed at the bottom.

Notification [Your application for a job has been approved: X role - X Job. View Job]

Directly Booked to a Role

Admin can book Crew directly without them needing to apply or accept the role.

Notification [You have been booked to a job: X role, X job View Job]

Removed Booking/Cancelling Crew

Notifies Crew they have been cancelled and directs them back to the job board to find more work. 

Notification [Your work as X role at X job has been cancelled by admin View Job]

Invited to a Job

Crew will be automatically booked when they accept the role by clicking the button.

Notification [You have been invited to job: X role at X job. View Job]

Switching Crew to a Different Role

Admin has the ability to switch roles for Crew. This email lets Crew know the details of the previous job and a link to the new job details.

There is also information regarding any conflicting roles the crew have been removed from. 

Notification [You have been switched from X role to X role. View job]

Role Application Unsuccessful

Crew unsuccessful in applying for a role, email gives a link to the job board to look for more roles.

Notification [Your application to X role at X job has been declined. View Job]

Job Full (moved to reserve list)

This lets Crew know they have been unsuccessful with their application to a role but have been put on a reserve list should an opportunity open up. 

Crew can get the reserved job details and view the job board to look for more work from these links.

Suspend Crew

This lets Crew know that they have been suspended. The textual content can be edited in the suspend form when Admin suspend the Crew.