Searching Sorting and Filtering Data

Searching and Filtering

Searching and filtering options are shown within each column under the column header.

Searching and Filtering Options

Searching Data

To search for Data within a column: 

  • Click into the Search Box
  • Type your search term

Typing into the Search Box

Results will automatically update. The number of search results is displayed in the bottom left-hand corner alongside the total number of Filters you have set.

Search Results and Total Filters Set

To clear that search:

  • Click into the Search Box 
  • Delete the search term

 Deleting the Search Term

Filtering Data

To set a Filter on Data within a column:

  • Click the Filter icon

The Filter Icon

Select the Data you want to filter on. 

Selecting the Data

To hide the Filter Box click the Filter icon at the top or click outside of the Filter Box.

Hiding the Filter Box

The Search Box will now display the number of terms you filtered on and list out which ones are filtered.

Search Box Displays Filtered Terms

The number of filter results is displayed in the bottom left-hand corner. Along with a number of filters you have set.

Filter Results and Filters Set

To clear a filter in this specific column:

  • Click the filter icon in that column.
  • Then click select all.

Ticking SELECT ALL to Clear Filters

Sorting Data

To sort data in any column click on the column title. Sort direction is indicated by the arrow next to the column title.

Clicking on the Column Title

Click the column title for a second time to change the sort order. The sort order updates and the arrow changes direction.

Click a Second Time and the Arrow Changes Direction

Click a third time to remove this sort order and return to the default order.

Click a Third Time to Return to Default Order


Search filters and sorting will be stored for when you return to this page on the same device.

To return the table to the default view:

  • Click the view menu.
  • Select reset view. 

Click Reset View to Return the Table to the Default View

The default view is restored