Workforce Notifications

Sending A Notification

Admin can send a non-Job related message, like a monthly news update, to their entire Workforce. This is sent as a one-way message from the Workforce page.

  • First select which Crew you wish to send a notification to
  • Open up the COMMS menu and select SEND NOTIFICATION

Sending a notification to your Workforce

  • The Notify Workforce popin opens
  • Select the type of notification to be sent: 
    1. Push notification
    2. Email notification
    3. SMS message

Notification Types

Push Notification

  • Select the PUSH Notification Type
  • Complete the message field
  • Add an attachment if required
  • Click SEND

Sending a Push notification to selected Workforce

  • Crew will receive a notification if they have the Crew App installed
  • Crew click on the notification to read it

Push notification message in Crew App with attachment

Email Notification

  • Select the EMAIL Notification Type
  • Amend the 'Reply-to email address' field if required
  • Add 'Email subject' title
  • Complete the message field
  • Add an attachment if required
  • Click SEND

Sending your Workforce an email

  • Clicking SEND A PREVIEW will send the Admin a copy of the email to review prior to sending
  • Select SEND A COPY TO MYSELF to include that Admin when the email is sent to Crew
  • Crew will be sent the email notification

Crew read email

SMS Message

  • Select the SMS Notification Type
  • Complete the message field
  • The number SMS messages the notification consistents of is displayed
  • Click SEND

Sending an SMS

  • SMS are not part of the monthly subscription fee and will incur a cost when sending
  • A warning box will remind Admin that additional fees apply
  • Click PROCEED to send the SMS message

Warning box

  • Crew will receive an SMS message on their phone

SMS notification on phone

  • Crew will click on the notification and read the text message.

SMS delivered