Automated Comms

Liveforce will send information to Crew automatically via email and/or push notification under various circumstances that are outlined below.

  • Crew booked onto a Role
  • Crew invited to a Role
  • Application to a Role accepted
  • Removed from a Role and/or Role is deleted
  • Switching Crew between 2 Roles
  • If Crew apply to a Role and that Role becomes full

Job updates include:

  • Time or date change
  • Location change
  • Fee change
  • Role or Job information updated

When a Board is published emails messages are grouped into a single email. For example:

  • Admin invites Clark Kent to a Role and publishes, then repeats this process 4 more times. This means Clark will receive 5 different email updates.

  • Admin invites Clark Kent to 5 Roles and then publishes. Clark will receive one email with 5 updates.