Job Notifications

Notification Types

  • One-way notifications can be sent to Confirmed Crew as a push notification, an email notification, or an SMS message
  • From a Board select a Job to send a notification to
  • Go to the COMMS menu and select NOTIFY CONFIRMED CREW option

Select Job then the COMMS menu

  • The Notify Workforce popin opens
  • Select the type of notification to be sent:
    1. Push notification
    2. Email notification
    3. SMS message

Notify Workforce popin opens

Push Notification

  • Select the PUSH Notification Type
  • Complete the message field
  • Add an attachment if required
  • Click SEND

Sending a Push notification

  • A warning box appears warning Admin that they are about to send a push notification
  • Click PROCEED

Warning box before sending

  • Crew will receive a notification if they have the Crew App installed
  • Crew click on the notification to read it

Crew receive banner notification on phone

Crew click on the notification to read the push notification

Push notification upload attachment option

Push notification attachment

Email Notification

  • Select the EMAIL Notification Type
  • Amend the 'Reply-to email address' field if required
  • Add 'Email subject' title
  • Complete the message field
  • Add an attachment if required
  • Click SEND

Email notification

  • Clicking SEND A PREVIEW will send the Admin a copy of the email to review prior to sending
  • Select SEND A COPY TO MYSELF to include that Admin when the email is sent to Crew

Send a preview

  • Crew will be sent the email notification

Crew click into the notification email and read it on their device

SMS Message

  • Select the SMS Notification Type
  • Complete the message field
  • The number SMS messages the notification consistents of is displayed
  • Click SEND

Sending an SMS message

  • SMS are not part of the monthly subscription fee and will incur a cost when sending
  • A warning box will remind Admin that additional fees apply
  • Click PROCEED to send the SMS message

Reminder before proceeding that SMS will incur an additional fee

  • Crew will receive a SMS notification on their phone

Crew receives phone notification

SMS message

Send To Multiple Jobs

  • Admin can also select more than one Job to send notifications to at the same time

Sending messages to confirmed Crew on several Jobs