Multiple Day Job Fulfilment

Application Process

  • Crew need to be available for all dates on your Multi-Day Job to be able to apply

Multi-Day Job

  • Crew can click into the Job and look at key information for each date

Applying to all dates

  • If Crew is not available for all dates they will not be able to apply

Crew is unavailable on one of the dates

  • If they are available for all dates they can click the APPLY button
  • All dates will now be shown with a orange PENDING status in the Crew App

Crew is available for all dates

Crew has applied to all dates

  • The number of Applicants is indicated across each of the dates in the sequence
  • Applicants can be viewed by clicking on the Role for any of the dates
  • The Job Fulfilment popin will appear
  • Select APPLICANTS tab from the menu
  • All Applicants will be visible in this tab
  • The DECLINED and UNAVAILABLE lists work in the same way as Single-Day Jobs
  • Click the TICK icon to accept an Applicant across all selected dates

Applicants tab

  • Crew will be sent an email notification when the Job is next Published
  • Their name and avatar will appear in the slot to indicate that they have been Confirmed

Email notification

Approving Crew On Individual Dates

  • Crew can be approved on individually selected dates within a Multi-Day Job
  • Use the CTL/CMD keys to select the Roles
  • Open the APPLICANTS list
  • Applicants for those dates will then be visible and can be approved

Confirming different Crew onto individual dates

Crew confirmed

Confirming different Crew onto individual dates

Booking And Inviting

Booking and Inviting Crew onto Multi-Day Jobs works in much the same way as Single-Day Jobs.

  • Click on a Role and the Job Fulfilment popin will open
  • Open the Confirmed or Invited tab
  • Type the Crew name or email address to Book or Invite Crew
  • Crew are then Booked or Invited to all dates on that Multi-Day Job
  • Publish updates to make the changes live and to send email notifications to Crew

Inviting Crew to a Multi-Day Job

Accepting Multi-Day Jobs In The Crew App

  • Crew are only able to Accept or Decline all dates that they've been invited to

Invitations in Crew App

All dates accepted

Book And Invite On Individual Dates

  • Use the CTRL/CMD keys to select individual dates within the sequence
  • Navigate to the CONFIRMED or INVITED tab 
  • Type the name of the Crew you wish to Book or Invite and select
  • Crew will be highlighted if they are not available for any of the selected dates
  • An alert box will appear at the top of the screen with a warning

Warning that Crew cannot be approved on all dates

Removing Crew

  • Crew can be removed from one or more dates within a Multi-Day Job
  • Select all dates by clicking once into a Role or select a specific date by clicking a second time and/or using the CTL/CMD keys
  • Click on the MORE menu to the right of their name and select REMOVE
  • The Crew will be removed from the Role
  • Make sure you Publish the Job to make any changes live and for Crew to be sent a notification

Remove Crew