Booking Crew on a Role

Book Crew

When you Book Crew onto a Role they don't get the opportunity to accept or decline the offer. They are just told they are working on the Job.

  • Click into a Role and the Job Fulfillment popin opens and you'll be on the Confirmed tab by default
  • Type the Crew's name or email address to see if they are available
  • Names will appear below to select from

Typing Crews's name.

Not Available

  • If a Crew member is not available it will inform you as such and prevent a double-booking
  • Additional information may also be available informing which Board/Job they are confirmed on or if they are unavailable

Crew not available.

Crew Confirmation

  • When Crew are confirmed on a Role it is possible to amend their fees on an individual basis
  • By default it will use what has been added to the Role when it was created
  • Click the CONFIRM button to Book the Crew member on this Role
  • No notification will be sent until the Job changes are Published

Individual fees can be adjusted from default that was created for the Role.

Updated Status

  • That Crew's name and avatar now appear in the slot on that Role 
  • The Job has an UPDATED status and needs to be Published before the changes are made live and Crew are informed

Avatar and name added to Job Card.

Job published notice.

Email Notification and Crew App

  • Crew will receive an email informing them about the Booking once the update is Published
  • The Booked Role will now be visible within the Crew App

Crew email notification

Crew App BOOKED colour code

Multiple Bookings

  • It is possible to select multiple Roles across multiple dates and Book Crew onto the selected Roles at the same time
  • Use the CTRL/CMD key to click into and select multiple Roles
  • The Job Fulfilment Popin will open automatically

Type the Crew name in that you want to book for all three Roles.

Confirming job bookings.

Multiple bookings published.