Inviting Crew to a Role

Inviting Crew

When you Invite Crew onto a Role they are given the opportunity to Accept or Decline that offer.

  • Click on the Role that you want to Invite Crew to and the Job Fulfilment popin will open
  • Select INVITED from the sub-menu
  • Type the Crew's name or email address to invite them to the Role
  • Names will appear below to select from

Invited option in the Job Fulfilment popin

Not Available

  • If a Crew member is not available it will inform you as such and prevent a double-booking
  • Additional information may also be available informing which Board/Job they are confirmed on or if they are unavailable

Unavailable Crew highlighted

Crew Confirmation

  • Whenever Crew are invited it is possible to amend their fees on an individual basis
  • By default it will use what has been added to the Role when it was created
  • Click the CONFIRM button to add them to the Invited list
  • No notification will be sent until the Job changes are Published

Edit fees on a per Crew basis before confirming the invitation

  • The total number of invited Crew is visible on the Role

Invite count visible on each Role

  • It is possible to Invite more Crew than slots available
  • In these cases it becomes a first-come-first-confirmed scenario

Send more invites than slots available

Multiple Bookings

  • It is possible to select multiple Roles across multiple dates and Invite Crew onto the selected Roles at the same time
  • Use the CTRL/CMD key to click into and select multiple Roles
  • The Job Fulfilment popin will open automatically

Invite Crew to multiple Jobs at the same time

Crew App

  • When the Job is Published an email invite is sent out
  • In the Crew App the invited Crew now have the option to ACCEPT or DECLINE the offer

DECLINE and ACCEPT options in the Crew App

Invitation Accepted

  • When Crew Accept an Invite their avatar and name appear in a slot in real-time

Invitation accepted

Declined Invitation

  • If Crew Decline an Invitation they will appear under the DECLINED list on the Invite tab

Declined list

Crew Become Unavailable

  • If the Invited Crew become unavailable before they respond to an Invite they will be moved to the UNAVAILABLE list on the Invited tab

Unavailable list