Job Promotion

Role Promotion

  • Admins can send a push notification or SMS message to promote a Role to a targetted audience of their Workforce
  • Crew that receive a promotion message can apply to that Role even if that Role is set not to be visible on the Job Board
  • It's important to note that the Job has to have been Published for the Promote button to appear

  • To promote a Job click directly into the Role you wish to Promote
  • The Job Fulfilment popin will open
  • Select PROMOTE from the sub-menu

Click on the Role then select PROMOTE


The Promote tab

  • The Notify Workforce popin opens
  • This popin has a numbers of filters to choose from to better target the recipients of the notification

Notify Workforce popin

  • The more filters that are selected the less Crew the notification will be sent to
  • The number of Crew the notification will be sent to is visible in the popin
  • Amend the message if required
  • Make sure the %job link% merge tag is not deleted
  • Click SEND

Filter down by distance

  • Crew will receive the notification and can apply to the Role

Push notification on phone

Reading the message in the Crew App

Crew can apply to the Role

Role applicant