Job Application Process

Job Board Visibility Indication

Roles that are visible on the Job Board have a purple dot next to the Role Type on the Board.

Indication that a Role is visible on the Job Board

Application Process

  • Crew can see Roles on their Job Board within the Crew App

Crews Job Board in Crew App

  • Crew can be considered for this by clicking the APPLY button

Job Board Apply Button

  • That Role will turn orange to indicate that their application is pending

Applied success message

Applied Roles are colour coded orange

  • An indicator on each Role displays the number of Applicants that have applied

1A means one Application

  • Click on the Role and select APPLICANTS from the Job Fulfilment tab
  • This will list all Applicants for this Role
  • It also includes the time and date when they applied
  • Applicants can be added to a shortlist by clicking the HEART icon

Applicants tab

Add Applicants to the Shortlist

Shortlist Tab

  • Any Crew that have been Shortlisted appear under on the Shortlist tab

Shortlist tab

Declined Applicants

  • Click the CROSS icon to Decline an Applicant
  • When Published Crew will be sent an email and be moved to the DECLINED list

Declining an Applicant

Declined tab

Declined notification email

Accept Applicant

  • Click the TICK icon to accept a Crew member that has applied
  • You can amend their fees on a per Crew basis if required
  • Click CONFIRM to accept their application
  • Their name and avatar will now appear in that slot
  • When Published Crew will be sent an email confirming that their application has been approved

Accepting an Application

Alter individual Fees before clicking CONFIRM

Email notification

Publish All Changes

  • Remember to Publish after making any changes for those updates to go live
  • Crew emails notifications are sent when Published

Remember to PUBLISH

Booked colour code in Crew App

Unavailable Crew

  • Any Crew that becomes unavailable after applying to a Role will be moved to the Unavailable list


Multiple Applications

  • Multiple Roles can be selected to review Applicants
  • Crew that applied to more than one Role can be reviewed and accepted

Accept Applicants across multiple Roles together