Checking on Crew Availability

Available Tab

  • Click the Role on which you wish to check available Crew
  • Open the AVAILABLE tab within the Job Fulfilment popin to view Crew
  • By default this list shows Crew who are available and match the Role Type

Available tab showing Crew availability

Available Crew

  • Click the TICK icon next to their name to Book them on the Role
  • Click the ENVELOPE icon next to their name to Invite them to the Role

Book Crew

Invite Crew

Invited Crew


  • Click on the FILTER icon to adjust filters on the Available list
  • This includes an option to show Crew that does not match the Role Type
  • As well as filtering by Rating and Distance

Filtering options

Non-matching Role Type availability

Multiple Dates

  • If multiple Jobs are selected Crew that are available for all dates will be visible under the Available tab

Availability across multiple dates