Declined and Unavailable Applicant tabs

This article explains how to manage applicants in the APPLICANTS TAB.

Declining Crew

1. Go to Board > Job > click on role > view APPLICANTS

2. Select X to decline

There is the option to decline, accept or shortlist using the icons next to the applicant name.

3. Click YES on the warning pop up

If select NO, they will stay in APPLICANTS.

4. Applicant now in DECLINED tab


The Crew will receive an email to say they have been declined for the role, and the role will not be visible on their Job Board.

Please note: selected tab will stay open when switching between roles, for example, if the DECLINED tab is selected and Admin wishes to view another role, this will default to open on DECLINED applicant tab until changed.  


It is possible to change Crew from DECLINED to CONFIRMED 

1. Board > Job > Role

2. Scroll to DECLINED tab and selecting tick icon next to Crew name. 

3. Select tick icon to move Crew to CONFIRMED

Please note: DECLINED and UNAVAILABLE not available for multi-select mode.

Unavailable tab

If Crew applied for the Role but is subsequently booked on another Job, they will be moved to UNAVAILABLE tab.

If the conflict is with the same agency there will be an explanation about the conflicting shift - useful if Admin wants to switch Crew to a different Role.  

If the conflict is with a different agency or the Crew has set themselves as UNAVAILABLE they will just be UNAVAILABLE.

If the Crew become available again, i.e. their conflicting job was cancelled they will automatically become APPLICANT again and move tabs.