Step 4. On the day Crew management

Crew Check in

Crew will receive a notification which allows them to easily check in by selecting the CHECK IN button. They can only do this when they are within 500m of the location.  They will then have a Status of CHECKED IN.

Communication on the day

You can communicate with your staff on the day by using the chat function.

Or you can locate the contact details of each crew member via the contact information in their profiles.  

Timesheets and Expenses

At the end of the work day timesheets are automatically approved until there is a dispute.  The status in the PAY section for the crew who have completed a day of work with be APPROVED.  Crew and Admin have 72 hours to dispute a timesheet. Crew need to either claim for expenses or select "no expenses to claim."  They have 30 days to submit expenses. More on Pay, Timesheets and expenses here.  

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