Timesheets explained

All timesheets are automatically APPROVED. This saves Admins lots of time having to manually approve each one

If either party starts a dispute both parties have to approve the change before it's status is changed back to APPROVED.

Important: Only changes that negatively impact Crew need to be approved. If the Admin makes a change that increases the amount the crew receive, eg. pay them a bonus or increase their hours, then the timesheet is not sent to the Crew for approval and its status stays as APPROVED.

Crew Dispute Timesheet

  • Crew have 72hrs to submit a dispute, eg. they worked one-hour extra.
  • When a disputed timesheet is submitted by Crew its status changes from APPROVED to REVIEW, ie. something for Admin to look at. All changes are highlighted in red. The admin gets a notification to review the dispute and respond

Read the Crew Article on timesheet disputes here

Admin Dispute Hourly Rate Timesheet

Admins can dispute a timesheet up until adding it to a payment report. To dispute a timesheet select the crew member from Approvals page.  The timesheet and profile will open on right hand side.

Admins can make changes to the timesheet, in this example the hours have been changed.

It will then be sent to Crew for approval.  They will get a notification informing them of this change. 

When a disputed timesheet is submitted by admin it's status changes from APPROVED to PENDING, ie. waiting for crew to review. All changes are highlighted in red. The crew gets a notification to review the dispute and respond.

Crew will see their timesheet is DISPUTED and will need to APPROVE TIMESHEET

Once the crew have done this the status will be APPROVED for Admin, with a record on the change to hours and salary.

Admin Dispute Fixed Fee Timesheet 

The above is applicable to jobs paid at an hourly rate.  It is possible to dispute a fixed fee timesheet by using the edit fee function.

From Approvals page if Admin change's the hours, the fee will not be affected as it is fixed.  Admin can change the hours for record purposes and will need to SEND TO CREW FOR APPROVAL as above. 

1.To change fee go to the Board > select the Job > select the crew.  

The job will say FINISHED to indicate it is in the past.  

2.Select edit fee

3. Change the fee as required, select CONFIRM

4. The FEE flag will then appear next to Crew name


6. Navigate back to PAY where the new fee will have APPROVED status.