Supervisor Permissions Check-in/out

Supervisor Permissions

Admins can set Crew as a Supervisor on a Role to give them additional permissions.

Setting Crew

To set Crew as a Supervisor first select the Role.

Click the MORE button alongside the Crews name.

Selecting the Role.


Set as Supervisor.

This will mark that Crew as a Supervisor.

Crew Marked as Supervisor

Remember to PUBLISH your changes. 

Publish the Changes.

Extra Tab

Crew that are marked as a Supervisor have access to an extra tab on that Role from within the Crew App.

Supervisor Tab in Crew App.

Check-in/out Crew

They can view details of everyone that is Confirmed on the Job and they have the ability to Check-in and Check-out all Crew manually. This is really helpful if Crew are unable to Check-in or out onsite through their own device.

Check-in/out - Supervisor Permissions.

Check-in on Supervisors Tab.

Check-out on Supervisors Tab.

Removing Supervisor Permissions

If you want to remove a Supervisor click the MORE button and then click REMOVE SUPERVISOR STATUS.

Removing Supervisor Permissions.

Remember to PUBLISH the changes.

Publishing the Changes.