Confirm Attendance Process

Confirming Attendance

  • The Confirm Attendance process sends a reminder to Crew about an upcoming Job they are Booked on
  • Crew can then confirm that they are attending giving added confidence to Admins that booked Crew will turn up
  • This process is managed from the Status Page and allows Admins to see if Crew have confirmed that they are attending

ATTENDING status column

App Settings

  • The Confirm Attendance feature can be customised by going to SETTINGS>APP SETTINGS>SETTINGS
  • This feature can be turned off if necessary
  • Admin can also customise how many hours before the start of the Job Crew will be sent a notification (18 hours by default)

App Settings 'Confirm Attendance' feature

Push Notification

  • 18 hours before a Job starts Crew that are Booked on the Role are sent a push notification
  • In the Crew App, the Job is highlighted in blue with a button that says CONFIRM ATTENDANCE
  • Crew click this button to confirm that they are attending the Job

Push notification sent prior to Job start time and CONFIRM ATTENDANCE button in Crew App

  • The Crew will see a success message in the Crew App and the Status on the Job will update to CONFIRMED
  • Crew can confirm their attendance right up until the Check-In time starts (if this feature is enabled)

Status updates to ATTENDING