Crew Profiles

Editing Data

  • Data that can be edited has a PENCIL icon next to the section heading
  • Not all data is editable
  • Click the PENCIL icon to open up editing options
  • Make sure you click SAVE when making changes

Editing Role Types


  • Any Crew feedback is stored in this tab including:
    • Feedback left by Admins after a Job has been completed
    • Cancellations (if this feature is turned on)
    • 'Did not show' tracking
    • Notes left by  Admins
  • Details of the Admin who left the feedback or completed the action will be displayed

Admins with OWNER or MANAGER permissions can edit or delete Crew Job feedback. This can be done from the Feedback tab in the Crew profile on the Workforce page or from the Feedback tab in the Approvals page.

Delete and edit icons Crew profile Workforce page

Delete and edit icons Approvals page.


Leave A Note

  • Admins can leave notes on each Crew member
  • If FLAG AS AN ALERT is checked then that Crew's profile will also show a warning icon

Flag notes as an alert


  • This tab shows all the Jobs that Crew have worked on in the past and anything in the future

The Calendar tab shows all jobs that Crew has completed

Calendar Filter

  • Use the date picker to jump to a particular date in the past (or future) to look at Jobs

You can filter down to a particular date


  • The photo section can be expanded under the Bio tab by clicking the EXPAND icon
  • Admins can upload new images and delete existing ones

Crew photos