Statuses Explained

These are the different statuses that Crew can have that will affect whether they can be booked on Roles or how Admin can communicate with them. Here's an overview of the different statuses:

  • ACTIVE and INACTIVE: They have been approved into your workforce. The only difference between the two statuses is that Inactive highlights Crew that have not completed a job within the past 60 days. Otherwise, all functionality is the same.
  • APPROVED: The applicant has been approved by admin but has an incomplete profile.
  • INVITED: They have been sent an email invitation to join your workforce but have not yet activated their account.
  • IN PROGRESS: They have an incomplete profile and have not submitted their application.
  • APPLICANT: Their profile is complete and they have submitted their application for review.
  • DECLINED: Their application was rejected.
  • SUSPENDED: They have been removed from your workforce. They do not count towards your monthly billing.
  • WAITING LIST: Some companies use this status while Crew are being trialled. They can be invited and booked on Roles, and keep their profile up to date, but can't apply to Roles from the Job Board.
  • PAUSED: Some companies use this status for Crew that are away for a long period of time, eg. long vacation. They can keep their profile up to date, but can't apply to, or be confirmed for a Role.
  • DELETED: The Crew member has deleted their connection with your company.

The below table highlights the key feature differences between each status.