Editing a Multiple Day Job

Selecting A Multi-Day Job

  • If you click into the header area of any Multi-Day Job within a sequence all dates will be selected.
  • Click the EDIT option and you are now editing all the selected dates.
  • Any edits you make will update all selected dates.

All instances selected on first click

Editing data across all instances

All times changed after edit

Editing Individual Job Instances

Click a second time on a specific instance to edit that specific Job within the sequence. Any edits will only change on that specific date.

Click a second time to edit a specific Job

Individual edits on Multi-Day Job

Select Multiple Jobs Within A Sequence

Hold down the CTRL/CMD key to select and edit multiple dates within a Multi-Day Job.

Selected individual Jobs to edit in bulk

Edits updated on selected Jobs

Selection Summary

  1. Clicking once into a Multi-Day Job selects all the instances.
  2. Clicking a second time selects an individual instance within the sequence.
  3. To edit a specific Job hold down the CMD/CTRL key.

Adding Additional Dates

  • Click into the Job and then click a second time on the Job instance you want to add a copy of.
  • Select and copy one of the Jobs within the sequence.
  • Select the additional dates you wish to add to the Multi-Day Job.

Select the Job instance you wish to copy

  • Paste the Job into the selected dates using the PASTE AS LINKED JOB icon or button in the menu.
  • This will add additional linked jobs to the existing Job.

  • Paste additional into additional dates

    Delete Job Instance

    • Click into the Job and then click a second time on the Job instance you want to delete
    • Then click the DELETE icon in the toolbar
    • Publish any changes to make sure the updates are saved

    Delete an instance of a Job