Adding Job Requirements

Job Requirement Bar

  • You can add Requirements to a Role and these are very useful for two reasons: 
    1. They help filter down to find the right Crew to work on the Role.
    2. Check Crew have the right Skills and qualifications to work in a Role.

Requirements under the Role Details tab

Types of Requirements

There are different types of requirements.

  • Skills
  • Tags
  • Labels
  • Age
  • Gender


Skills are a customisable list managed in the Account Settings. Skills are typically certificates or qualifications. eg. a driver's licence or first aid at work certificate. 

Search for a Skill and select


Tags are segmentations of your Workforce database. Tags are only seen by Admin and Crew does not know what Tags they belong to. Examples of Tags include 'A-Team' (for the Crew you go to most frequently and first), experience levels, training, or regional offices.

Selecting Tags


Labels allow you to do view Crew that have worked on a Role in the past with a particular Label on it. For example, 'show me Crew who have worked with Client Name'. This can be helpful because you may want someone with the experience and know-how of that client.

Selecting Labels

Age and Gender

  • Age highlights Crew that are above a certain age. A green label next to their details indicates they are the correct age. A red label means they are not of the correct age.
  • Gender works in the same way but for gender options.

Age and Gender Requirements

Checking Age and Gender Requirements

Adding and Removing Requirements

  • Click ADD REQUIREMENTS and select the type of Requirement required.
  • Click into the search box and either scroll the list or search and select a Requirement.
  • Select Requirements will appear at the top.
  • To remove the Requirement click on the cross to the right of the Requirement name.

Remove a Requirement