Clock-in/out for Timesheets

Clocking-in/out Times

Clock-in and out times are used when an Admin wants to use the Check-in and Check-out times for their timesheet entries.


 These settings can be different for each Profile.


When Crew Check-in the start time on their timesheet updates to match this time and may not match the scheduled start time of the Job.


Updated Timesheet.

Activity Log

This time is also recorded in the Activity log. If it is different to the Scheduled Job start time then it will say the time was changed.

Activity Log - Crew App.

Status Page

Admin can view details of the Check-in, on the Status page as Checked-in under Confirmed Status, along with the date and time stamp.

Status Page Data Entry.


This is the same process when Crew Check-out. The Clock-out time is used as the end time on the timesheet and may be different to what was originally scheduled.

Crew Checked-out.

Timesheet Updated.

Activity Log

The Crew activity log will say the actual time that the Crew pressed the Check-out button. If it is different from the Scheduled Job end time then it will say the time was changed.

Activity Log - Time Changed.

Status Page

Admin can view this in the Status page as Checked-out under status along with the date and time stamp.

Status Page Checked-out Data.


Admins have the ability to edit the Check-in and Check-out times on the Status page. To edit click the time or the More button at the end of the row. Any changes made will be carried over to the Approvals page.

Editing Times.

More Button Menu.

Admin can also clear all Check-in and Check-out times from a Job on the Status page using this menu.

Clearing Check-in/out Times.

Approvals Page

The Job moves to the Approvals page when the Crew Check-out or when the check-out time has passed as per the settings.

All Jobs that use the Clock-in/out feature will be marked with the REVIEW status on the Approvals page along with the Check-in and out times.

Reviews Button - Approvals Page.

Clock-in/out Data - Approvals Page.

Admin can approve or dispute the timesheet as normal.

Reviewing the Timesheet.

Activity Log

All changes to the timesheet, and which person made them, are recorded in the Activity log of the timesheet and can be seen by both Admin and Crew.

Activity Log.