Suspend Crew


  • Navigate to the Workforce page and select which Crew you want to Suspend

Selecting who you want to Suspend

  • The total number of Crew selected is shown in the bottom bar

Two Items selected

  • Use the search function to find other Crew you wish to select
  • Any existing selections will be kept and the total number of selected Crew will be updated

Searching for Crew to add to selection


Status menu

  • The Suspend Crew popin opens
  • Add a message that will be sent to Crew and/or stored on their Profile
  • Amend the 'Reply to address' if required (by default, this is the Admins email address)
  • If no email should be sent when Crew are Suspended uncheck the tickbox
  • Press SUBMIT to Suspend selected Crew

Suspend Crew popin

  • The status of the Suspended Crew changes to SUSPENDED

Suspended status

  • The suspension message is visible on Crew Profile

Suspension message

Crew App

  • Suspended Crew cannot access their Profile for that company and cannot be Booked, Invited or Apply to any Jobs
  • Suspended Crew do not count towards your Crew subscription

Crew App displaying Suspended Profile - Crew can't see any Jobs or apply to Jobs when Suspended

Reinstate Suspended Crew

  • Go to WORKFORCE>RECRUITING to reinstate Suspended Crew
  • Enter their email address and click SEND INVITE


  • A Confirmation Dialogue will appear to confirm that you want to reinstate a Crew member that has been previously Suspended
  • Click PROCEED to continue

Warning dialogue box

  • Crew will be sent an Invitation email and need to click the CONFIRM INVITATION button on the Profile within the Crew App
  • Their account is now reinstated

CONFIRM INVITATION button and Invitation successful message in Crew App