When Crew Delete your Company

Crew have the ability to delete companies from their account.

When a Crew member does this the PRIMARY CONTACT (on any current or future jobs they were booked on) will receive this message:

`{crewName} has removed their {companyyName} account. They have been removed from all future jobs they were booked on and are flagged as DELETED in your Workforce.` 

A Crew member who has removed your company from their account will have a DELETED status.

Deleted Crew in Workforce page

You can filter your workforce by status, to view Crew who have deleted your company by selecting DELETED from the menu.

Note: DELETED status is not selected by default in filter and they will not be counted in ‘Everyone’.

Select a Crew member to open profile pop-in on RHS. You will notice the first and last name will be visible but all other sections are hidden (including avatar, rating, distance, requirements)

There will be an audit tag under their name stating when the account was deleted.

Admin will not be able to view Bio, Company Application and Calendar of deleted Crew. 

Feedback tab is visible and opened by default, as above. This will still include notes, alerts, cancellations and did not show messages.

Coms: Admin will be unable to include deleted crew in Tags, send notifications or create chat.

Deleted Crew in New Starters Report

Deleted status is available in New Starters Report pop-in. Deleted is not selected by default. It is possible to add deleted crew to Starters report

In workforce page select the download icon. You can then filter by date and status

How to Re-Invite Deleted Crew

It is possible to re-invite DELETED crew or send application URL to their email within the Workforce > Recruitment page. You will need their email address to send invitation or URL. 

Deleted Crew on the Boards

Important points regarding deleted crew:

  • Deleted Crew are only visible in finished jobs.  If they were booked on future jobs they will be removed from these.  Admin will need to book other crew to that role. 
  • Deleted Crew will be moved to Cancellations tab from all applicants tabs (Confirmed, Invited, Applicants), and will not be visible in Available tab.
  • Admin are unable to invite or directly book deleted crew to future jobs.
  • DELETED status is displayed instead of rating, distance and requirements.
  • Admin are unable to send notification to Deleted crew from Promote tab.
  • Menu options that are hidden for deleted crew: Edit fee, Switch crew, Send notification, Start chat.
  • Unable to switch deleted Crew in finished jobs. 
  • Unable to add deleted Crew to job\ role chat from Applicants pop-in. Chat icon is active, but if role\job has only deleted Crew - chat will be only with Admin.
  • Deleted Crew are deleted from old job\role chats, tag chats and Tags.

Deleted Crew in Pay page

Crew who have removed your company from their account will only have their first and last name visible. 

Admins can see only Crew name and agency related information. 

Deleted Crew in Payment Reports

If Crew were added to a report with status TO BE PAID or PAID, and the Crew then deleted the company, all crew information will remain in the reports, including payment information. 

Pay related Coms for Deleted Crew

The following pay related communications will still be sent to deleted Crew :

  • Activity messages 
  • Force payment approval notification
  • Admin disputed timesheet notification