Crew Calendar View

Crew Calendar View from Boards

Admin can check the calendar of Crew they have confirmed to a role, or would like to book or invite to a role with the Calendar View feature. 

This feature is useful when deciding which Crew to use, or to see whether this Crew has experience in a similar role within your company. 

You can also use this feature to see the status of jobs Crew have recently completed, i.e. Paid/To Be Paid/Finished etc

1. Navigate to Board > Job

2. Select Crew name

3. Navigate to Calendar

4. Scroll through to see which jobs they have recently completed for your company, or upcoming jobs. 

If the Crew member has work with a different company, or they have marked themselves as unavailable, they will appear as unavailable for that period. 

It is possible to filter by date, otherwise the most recent job will be displayed first going back chronologically.  This list has infinite scroll.

Invited Crew

You can invite crew and view their calendar also.  Their status for the invited role will be INVITED until they confirm - then they will have CONFIRMED status.


When you receive applicants to a role you can use the calendar view to help decide whether to confirm or decline them to a role, or to add to reserve list. 

Crew status that can be displayed in Calendar view:

Applicant: If the Crew have been declined or are unavailable,they won't appear in the calendar view

Reserve list




To be paid


Note: Invites and applications that overlap with confirmed roles are hidden.

Calendar View from Workforce page

1. Navigate to Workforce > My Workforce

2. Select Crew member to open their profile

3. Select Calendar to view

Scroll to see which jobs the Crew member has completed or has upcoming.