Attributes Explained

Attributes from App Settings

In App settings Admin can select which attributes will be visible when applying them to a role.  Selecting these attributes make them compulsory for your workforce to fill out theses details on their profile. 

TOP TIP: Only select the attributes you will really need, otherwise you may miss out on some great members of your workforce. 

When you have made your selection of attributes don't forget to SAVE!

Attribute requirements within a role

When you create a role within a job the attributes you choose in app settings are the attributes your workforce will have to respond to.  

Only select the answers to the attributes that are necessary. 

TOP TIP: the answers you choose will affect whether your workforce have necessary requirements. 

For example: Tattoos - if the role requires tattoos to not be visible, make sure you also select "none" as an answer, otherwise Crew without tattoos will be lacking in a requirement.

Select DONE to save. 

Promote Role with Attributes

When promoting a role one of the ways you can find the perfect Crew member in your workforce is to filter by attributes.