Roles Explained

The term Role in Liveforce means the specific roles each job needs. Within Role there are many elements Admin can control, such as fee, hours, and how the job is promoted within Liveforce.

1. Select Board and Job 

2. Select Add ROLE

Use the drop down list to scroll through the role types (in alphabetical order)

3. Add details to the Role:

  • Role Type 

        Use the scroll list to find the role you want to fill.

  • Fee Type

         Select from hourly, fixed or no fee

  • Start and End time

          Select the timings of the job

  • Fee

         Set your fee, either hourly or total

  • Subsistence

         If you are allowing a subsistence budget, add it here

  • Expenses Budget

         If you are allowing an expense budget, add it here

  • How many people required

         If you need more than one of the same role type.  In this example I need 2 bar             tenders.  In the board this creates two roles to be filled

  • Total

         At this point you will have a running total of expenditure for those roles.

  • Role Description

         Add more details about the role, what will be required, perhaps any uniform                 requirements etc. 

  • Job Board

Here you can choose to display the job on the job board or not.  If you don't display it you will have no applicants.  This is used when you are going to book or invite crew directly. If you choose to continue to display job when the roles are full, this allows you to gather a waiting list. Read this article for more information on Waiting Lists.

4. Select DONE.

5. Select Publish Changes