Create a Job

1. Select NEW BOARD

Start with a New Board

2. Name and personalise your board

You can name the board after a campaign, or a particular client, or by months. Liveforce is deigned to be flexible so you can organise your boards any way you like. You can colour customise boards also. When you've made your selections select CONFIRM to save.

3. Select day

The boards are set out in calendar mode.  The red line will always indicate today. Select the day you of the job you wish to create, it will turn blue and the plus sign will be highlighted

4. Select "plus" to open GENERAL DETAILS

This GENERAL DETAILS menu will appear. Here you can for add the name of the Job, select the PRIMARY CONTACT, and start adding Roles. I'm going to call this job Louisa's 40th Birthday, and I need various role types to make sure it goes with a bang!

5. Select Add ROLE

Here you will see another menu with more detail, use the drop down list to scroll through the role types (in alphabetical order).  Read this article for more detail on Roles.

6. Select DONE

7. Select Requirements

Select the requirements you need for the role.  These are usually qualifications or training certificates, like driving license, health and safety certificates or languages spoken.  It also depends on what choice you made back-end in customisation.  Make your choices and select DONE

8. Select Attributes

Select attributes that are necessary. Select DONE

9. Select Application Request

You can use this feature to ask Crew a specific question when applying for a role. Perhaps you want to ask what makes them a great brand ambassador, or if they are providing a service do they bring their own equipment. It can be anything you need to know from prospective applicants.

10. Close the Job Details Menu

11.  Add another Role if necessary

Repeat steps 5,6,7 and 8.

12. Select Location

Liveforce uses google maps for exact locations.  This will be the location used by your crew to Check In on the day.  Make sure this is correct in the location name as well as the Google Maps drop down.

13. Write Job Ad

Describe the job to attract the best staff.  This is the description that will appear on the Job board if you chose to display the job.  It's a good idea to add an image.  You can also include post-approval information - this can be more information about the job, uniform requirements, special requests etc. Don't forget to scroll down to DONE to save.

14. Use Labels if needed

You can add labels to assign to a Client or Project ID

15. Publish Changes

Possibly the most important feature to remember is PUBLISH CHANGES. Nothing will be saved until you publish.  Each time you make a change or create a job, you must press PUBLISH CHANGES otherwise the board will not save updates.