Approvals Page explained


This is an overview of the payment status of all completed jobs.  You can use this page to check status but also to check the timesheet for more details. Click on a Crew member to bring up their timesheet and expenses for that job

When a job is complete the default status for Salary is APPROVED and the default status for expenses is PENDING.

Salary statuses in Approvals

APPROVED: Unless there is a dispute with a timesheet, this will stay APPROVED status until moved to a payment report. Crew have 72 hours to dispute a timesheet.

REVIEW: Crew have changed the timesheet and admin need to review changes 

TO BE PAID: When moved to a payment report the status will be TO BE PAID 

PAID: Payment report has been sent to payroll, Crew have been paid. 

More on timesheets and disputes in this article#

Expenses statuses in Approvals

Crew have 30 days from the completion of a job to submit expenses

PENDING: Crew haven't submitted any expenses yet, or made a NO CLAIM

APPROVED: Admin approved expenses, or 30 days has lapsed

NO CLAIM : Crew have submitted a No Claim 

More on expenses  here#

Using filters to search Approvals

You can use the Approvals page to search for payment status information for a specific crew member, or within a date range, or for employed/self-employed, by board or primary contact.

Click on any of these payment status once to select, then once again to clear the filter

Use the Calendar to select date range

Use the filter icons to search, click to start search, re-click the icon to cancel:

Name or Board: Type in the name to search


Salary filter: Click any status you wish to view, re-click filter to cancel

Expenses filter: Click any status you wish to view, re-click filter to cancel

Employment Filter

Primary Contact Filter: If you have a lot of Admins working across your boards, this will be a useful filter.