How to generate a Payment Report


The Payments page consists of APPROVED items only.  These are all Crew timesheets that have been reviewed and approved. Admin can select which items will go into the pay report for their accounts team to pay.

1. Select time period 

In this example admin selected "last month" but you can choose any time period.

2. Select which items you want to pay

You can bulk select or choose each row individually

3. Check the summary

There is a summary of items and total amount at the bottom of the page


You can go BACK TO PAYMENTS if there is a mistake, or PROCEED.

5. Select PROCEED

A warning message will check you wish to proceed, after this point items will be marked as TO BE PAID and you will not be able to change them.

6. Payment Report generated

The items selected will now be in a payment report that can be sent to payroll for payment. All the items will now have status TO BE PAID. 

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