Pay Overview

There are three sections within Pay - Approvals, Payments and Reports

  • Approvals - an overview of the status of salaries and expenses, more in this article

  • Payments - All items that have been approved for payment

  • Reports - All your payment reports in one place, more in this article

Crew Pay Process Overview

1. Timesheets & Expenses approved in Approval section

All timesheets are APPROVED by default and all expenses are PENDING by default until crew have submitted expenses, or selected NO CLAIM.  More on timesheets and expenses here.

2. Select and review Crew and items to pay

Crew have 72 hours to dispute a timesheet, and 30 days to submit expenses. When these are reviewed and approved they are ready to be paid.

3. Create Payment Report in Payment section 

Select items you wish to pay, create a payment report. Status will now be TO BE PAID

4. Send Payment Report to payroll/accounts

You can download the payment reports to send to your payroll department. Reports can be customised to work with your accounts/payroll system, see more here.

5. Mark Crew as PAID