Company Application

You can customise the application process for candidates from this page. 

Application form URL

Here you can access the URL for your company's application form. You can also find this in Application Customisation and Workforce > Recruiting > Application web page

Payment Options

Here you can choose which employment type you will accept. Depending on your company's protocol you can choose to have only self-employed staff, only employed, or option to have both. 

Company Agreements

You can input up to 4 contracts, agreements or T's & C's.  These form the "Legal Stuff" that your workforce will have to agree to.  Each time you change or edit these, your workforce will have to re-agree otherwise their profile will be incomplete. A pop up will direct them to this when they sign in.

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Customised Data Collection

You can collect customised data in this section if you need to have specific information about your Crew. 

Note: When collecting sensitive data consider who has access to this.

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