You can manage the way your workforce interact with the Liveforce Crew App in this Settings section. 

Cancellation Policy

This allows your workforce to cancel jobs within the app.  If you'd rather they contact you/Primary Contact to cancel any confirmed shifts do not tick this box.

Display on the Job Board by default

By default all jobs are set to NOT display on the job board.  If you want to override this you can check the box so that all new roles are displayed on the Job Board by default. 

Confirmed Crew

You can choose to display names of all confirmed Crew so your workforce can see who else is working on that job.  If you choose this feature there will be another option to display Crew contact details. This article explains more about Confirmed Crew

This is really useful when you have a big event with lots of staff as they are able to communicate with each other via the Liveforce Crew App.

Primary Contact

Here you can decide how your workforce can contact the Primary Contact on a job, either email, phone, SMS or all three.

Holiday Pay - UK Only

Depending on your company policy you can include holiday pay in salary or have it excluded.  If exclude Liveforce will automatically calculate and add the UK required amount of 12.7%.  Read more about Holiday Pay in this article

Compliance Section Requirements

Here you can decide to make passport and/or work visa requirements compulsory.  Meaning that your workforce wont be able to complete registration unless they complete these fields.

Don't forget to SAVE

Once you have made all of your setting choices don't forget to SAVE them all!

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