Managing Skills and Attributes

Skills and Attributes are vital to find the right staff for the jobs you need to fill. 


Selecting these attributes make them compulsory for your workforce to fill out theses details on their profile. 

TOP TIP: Only select the attributes you will really need, otherwise you may miss out on some great members of your workforce. 

When you have made your selection of attributes don't forget to SAVE!


From here you can choose from our extensive list of skills, or add your own customised skills. These are listed alphabetically - note; some skills require validation such as driving licence or food hygiene certificate. These can be uploaded onto the Liveforce Crew App.

TOP TIP: Bulk select all skills by ticking the box next to NAME

Adding a new skill

You can add your own customised skills and choose whether they will need validation or not.

Don't forget to SAVE!

Next Step: Managing Roles

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