Inviting New Admins

From App Settings you can configure and personalise your Liveforce Account. 


In App Settings > Admin you can manage the Admin Users in your Liveforce Account.

1. Navigate to App Settings from the avatar in the top right hand corner

2. From the drop down select App Settings.  

The first option in the menu is Admins


To add an Admin User input their email address and select the level of access.  Either Owner, Manager or Staff

This article explains the difference between different admin access levels.

4. New Admins receive email invitation

They will be sent an email invite that looks like this:

They will need to complete their registration with Liveforce by following the COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE link and completing the information required:

5. When they have completed their registration their status will go from INVITED to ACTIVE

How to Edit or Delete Admin Users

You can also edit or delete Admin Users by using the icons on the admin page next to their name. 


Select Edit (pencil icon) to edit the level of access or admin TYPE  

Select the role type and press UPDATE

Select X to delete an Admin

If the admin you are deleting is a primary contact on active jobs you will get a warning message asking you to re-assign their campaigns. Once you have assigned another admin press DELETE

Otherwise this message will appear, press DELETE to confirm

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