Feedback and Internal Notes

It's important for agencies to communicate information about their staff and crew.  This can be done within Liveforce on Crew profiles and are only visible to Admin and Owner users.  Crew will not have access to feedback, alerts or internal notes.  


Feedback is company-specific, Admins can only see feedback left by their company but not others.

When a Crew member has completed a job it is possible to leave feedback on their profile. Admins can access feedback on Crew profiles by scrolling to the FEEDBACK section where they can view what other comments Admins have made.

How to leave feedback - only when a job is done. 

Go to PAY > Select Crew > Scroll to FEEDBACK

In order to leave a feedback comment, the admin user must also give a rating.

  • Feedback comments cannot be undone, edited or deleted (we are looking to add these features in the future). 
  • Feedback tab should be visible to crew with any status, eg. invited, suspended or applicant.
  • Feedback is job-related - Crew must have completed a job for admins to be able to leave feedback

No Show's

It is also possible to record if a Crew member was a "no show".  This can easily be done by selecting the "more options menu" next to the Crew name.

Last-minute cancellation

When Crew cancel it is recorded exactly how long before a shift they cancelled. Useful when trying to select reliable Crew.  To view cancellations select the Crew member from Workforce Page, scroll to FEEDBACK.  Here you will find their cancellation record as well as any other notes or feedback.

Internal Notes and Alerts

Sometimes Admins will need to leave notes and feedback information about Crew before they have started working.  Perhaps they have reached the interview stage and Admins need to communicate about the Crew. Or, once they have gone through the recruitment process it may be important that certain Crew are not booked on certain jobs, perhaps because of a clash with the client or other Crew, etc. 

Internal notes and alerts are available for any Crew status.

Admins can access internal notes via WORKFORCE page or JOB BOARDS. Select Crew member name, in their profile scroll to FEEDBACK. The option to leave an internal note will appear, as will the option to flag as an alert.  Write the internal note, flag as appropriate and select SAVE. 

Items are listed chronologically, most recent first, apart from Alerts which are pinned to the top of the list.


You can use the alert feature to flag important notes.  There is the option to use the Flag checkbox option  (see above), this creates a very visible ! on their profile and in the Workforce page. 

Here are examples of the kind of notes and alerts admins & owners can leave on crew profiles:

Editing Internal notes

It is possible to edit notes, Admins can only edit their own whereas Owners can edit all. 

Deleting Internal Notes

It is possible to delete alerts

Use the trash icon in internal notes to delete, a confirmation dialogue box appears. “Are you sure you want to delete this alert?" You can then either CANCEL or PROCEED. Confirmation status appears to confirm successful action

Admins can delete their own internal notes - but not the notes of others. Owner users can delete all.