Book crew into multiple roles

If you have a recurring role across many days you know you want to book the same crew member for, you don t have to go into each day and add their name, you can use this tip to bulk book crew!

1. Open Board 

Here is an example where we want to book Lou George across a number of Producer roles on a number of days on this job board.

2. Select the first role and day you want to book the crew member into

It will turn blue when active.

3. Press CTRL or CMD 

Press either CTRL or CMD key depending on what machine you're using, then click into all the roles on that board you want to fill with the same crew member. They will all turn blue as below. 

TOP TIP - you can use the shift key to bulk select jobs in a date range, i.e. click on first job date > press and hold shift > click on last date, all the jobs in that date range will then be selected/turn blue

4. Type name of Crew 

In the right-hand menu type the name of the crew member you wish to book and select CONFIRM

5.  The crew member will then appear in all of the roles selected.

6. Don't forget to press PUBLISH CHANGES