Passport Photographs and Work Visa Uploads

It is possible to choose whether it is compulsory for your crew/staff to upload a passport photograph as proof of ID.  If your agency chooses to select this option All UK crew must add their passport number and photograph to complete their profiles.  

If work visas are required it is possible to upload up to 4 documents. 

This applies to UK companies only and will allow admin to view and download both the passport and work visa documents.

For Crew who joined before the launch of this feature please note that their profiles will revert to "incomplete" until they upload the documents required.  

How to select COMPULSORY passport photographs.


Scroll to new passport option, and set passport photograph to COMPULSORY. Until admin's select this all accounts are set to NON-COMPULSORY by default.

How crew can add their passport photograph:

Passport Photograph

Crew will need to navigate to the COMPLIANCE section for your agency.  Here they can add their passport number and use the new feature to upload a passport picture.

If the crew member doesn't have a passport your company will need to have a policy in place to advise them on how to otherwise verify their identity.  

Crew can take a photograph of their passport and upload it.

Crew and Admin can download crew passport by selecting DOWNLOAD 

Crew must then select SAVE 

You can view the crew article about this here #link

How Crew can add their Visa Documents:

Work Visa's

Within the same COMPLIANCE section, there is the option to add work visa documents.

  • The option to UPLOAD DOC button only becomes visible if Crew selects YES in the "Do you require a visa for work" section.

Crew can upload up to 4 photographed documents

Crew and Admin can download the documents by selecting DOWNLOAD

Crew must then select SAVE

You can view the crew article about this here #link