Recently Released Features

Here's a list of features that have been released recently.

Q2 2020

Board sorting

Job Cards will be sorted in a more logical order.

Crew App 

We're releasing a range of updates and improvements to the Crew App that you can read about here.

Forced Pay Approval

Allow Admins to force through an amendment to a fee from the APPROVALS page that doesn't require approval from the Crew.


Send email, SMS and push notifications to Crew on a job in any Board!

We've been working hard to deliver the level of communication you and your team need. Check out this article to see how to send notifications with Crew from Boards.

Changes to INVITED Crew

We've simplified the process when inviting Crew to join your agency. Crew with an existing Liveforce account no longer have to "click on a link" to connect their account. Instead, it immediately appears in their Profile and an email is sent informing them about the new invite. 

BOOKED confirmation timestamp on the Status page

We've added a column to the Status page that lets you know the exact time and date a booking was made or confirmed. This information is also included in the download report.

SUSPEND Crew without sending email option

We've added an option to the suspending process where an Admin can opt-out of sending an email which let's Crew know they have been suspended.


Show Check-In Status on the Approvals page

Admins will be able to see if a Crew checked in for every Role to better help identify Crew that didn't turn up.

Crew Profile Upcoming Jobs

Display a calendar for each Crew in their Profile displaying all past and upcoming Jobs.


Decline Applicants on a Role

Admins will soon have the ability to decline applicants. Declined applicants will also receive an email notification.

Role Switching

Admins will be able to switch Crew between jobs on the same Board to make the management of this process much easier.

Role Fee Amends

An extra screen will appear when editing fees on a Role asking the admin if the updates should apply to all confirmed crew or not.


Internal Notes

Leave notes and feedback on Crew that are not related to a specific job.

Upload Passport and Work Visa documents

Crew will be required to upload a copy of their passport.

Move Applicants into your 'Waiting List'

Move crew that you may want to use at a later date onto the 'Waiting List'. You can still communicate with them and they can access their profiles to keep them up-to-date. When you're ready just change their status to 'Approved' giving them access to your Job Board.


New Crew Email Notifications

Our recent notifications survey highlighted that email was the channel that Crew (and Admins) had the most confidence in to receive and view important messages. Here are the new emails that have been introduced: 

  • Role Booking
  • Role Change
  • Role Invitation
  • Job Change of Details
  • Application Accepted
  • Crew Removed from a Role

Custom payment reports

Owners will be able to customise payment report formats to make sure it fits the requirements of your payroll company or accounts team. The reports that will be customisable include Employee Report, Self-Employed Report, Expenses Report, and New Starter Report. There will also be the option to show shifts as itemised or grouped by staff name.


Holiday pay

Allow admins to select if Holiday pay should be inclusive or exclusive across the platform.

Display Crew names and contact details

A new company-wide App setting that allows companies to show/hide the names (and phone numbers if required) of the other confirmed crew in the Crew App.


Board optimisation

Further optimisations to Boards have been introduced to speed up loading times, allow for larger Boards and make publishing quicker.

Inform Applicants when Job is full

When a Role is full any remaining Applicants will be sent an email to inform them they were not selected. The Role will continue to appear on their Calendar page until they manually remove it.


You can now edit past and in-progress jobs helping to make sure every job is correct at any stage.


Board Publishing Optimisation

A range of improvements has been made to improve Boards' publishing.

See the status of Crew when booking them

Crew statuses now appear when you're booking them onto a job:

Improved Job and Tag sharing

Easily share Job shortlists and Tags (portfolios) to your clients. Select the crew images that you want visible and write custom bios to tailor the content to the brief. Customise the page look-and-feel to match your clients' branding (or your own).

Age is now visible on crew profiles

Company Application/ Log In page customisation

Companies can now customise the look-and-feel of their Application and Log In pages by selecting branded colours, background image, and copy. This is accessible from App Settings/ Application Customisation.

Platform performance and stability improvements

We've been working hard to make the platform more stable and resolve various issues with primarily with Boards and Publishing. A range of fixes and updates have been released with more planned during August and September.


Improved application and company log in process

We've finally been able to remove the old standalone application form. Applicants are now sent straight into the Crew App where they can complete their application bit-by-bit before submitting.

Single Crew Log In

Crew can now manage multiple agencies through one account on Liveforce.